Global Initiative for Civil Stabilisation

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The mission of GICS, is to help stabilise civil affairs in conflict, protect civilians caught in the crossfire and their rights, support humanitarian actors to get aid to civilian populations through dialogue, and mitigate/resolve armed conflict through mediation.

Mediation Support:

In order for complex dialogue and mediation processes to succeed, mediators require effective support from analyses of the situation, to accurate information on contextual changes, to even interfacing with interlocutors. GICS offers this support in aid of dialogue processes, by giving mediators access to our expertise and experience.

Humanitarian dialogue:

In armed conflict, as infrastructure and government services breaks down, often times civilian populations are deprived of access to food and medicine and basic services as armed parties to conflict in some cases prevent external aid agencies and humanitarian workers from accessing territories they control. Using our networks of contacts and relationships, GICS works in support of humanitarian agencies, through brokering access and maintaining dialogue with armed combatants in conflict situations.

Civilian Protection:

To ensure that the rights of civilians in armed conflict under international law, are respected, GICS carries out works to inform and educate parties to conflict on the rights of noncombatants/civilian population, in addition to monitoring conflict situations, and carrying out interventions where necessary to ensure civilians are kept out of harm’s way.

Tackling Sexual And Gender Based Violence In Armed Conflict:

In support of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1820 and 1325 which defined wartime rape as crimes against humanity and threats to international security, and which demanded that parties to armed conflict take necessary steps to protect civilians from sexual violence in conflict situations, GICS conducts advocacy and educational activities to help armed parties to conflict and local societies tackle wartime sexual violence. Working with local interlocutors, GICS also engages communities in assisting victims of wartime sexual violence and wartime sexual exploitation get qualitative and comprehensive help, through our intervention programmes.


GICS works to increase stability in civil affairs in regions that have suffered armed conflict, by investing -in cooperation with communities- in creating and maintaining sustainable peace and human security.

GICS Discussion Series:

GCIS organises a quarterly discussion forum of stakeholders, drawn from across the local and international communities in regions and on topics we focus on, which sits in Abuja to listen to subject matter experts and discuss on the challenges and solutions in specific areas.

Mediation support

GICS provides support in aid of dialogue processes by giving mediators access to our expertise and experience

Tackling Sexual Violence In Armed Conflict:

GCIS conducts advocacy and educational activities to help armed parties in conflict tackle wartime sexual violence, and engages local communities to assist victims..

Civilian Protection:

GICS carries out activities to inform and educate parties to conflict on the rights of noncombatants during armed conflict, to ensure civilians are kept safe.