Global Initiative for Civil Stabilisation

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Who We Are:

The Global Initiative For Civil Stabilisation is a mediation, humanitarian support, advocacy and research foundation, established to uphold the principles of responsibility to protect, impartiality, confidentiality, and independence.

Operational Ethos:

Our operational philosophy/ethos can be encapsulated in responsibility to protect, impartiality, confidentiality, independence, and getting the job done.

This means that:

We consider ourselves as having a responsibility to act to protect civilian populations caught up in conflict situations, through working to ensure that they are not deliberately targeted, they are not subjected to sexual violence, they are allowed humanitarian aid and medical treatment, and they are given justice whenever their rights as non parties to a conflict are violated by any of the combatant parties.

We do not take sides between parties to a conflict. We do not act in support of, nor do we opine in favour of, any party to a conflict, no matter the religious, ethnic, political, social and national affiliation of the parties involved in armed conflict.

We operate in strict confidentiality and discreetness, only revealing what we consider absolutely necessary in support of our work.

Our job is getting the job done, and we get the job done, however we can, adhering to our principles, no matter the obstacles, innovating where innovation is needed, and persevering until the job is done.

Mediation support

GICS provides support in aid of dialogue processes by giving mediators access to our expertise and experience

Tackling Sexual Violence In Armed Conflict:

GCIS conducts advocacy and educational activities to help armed parties in conflict tackle wartime sexual violence, and engages local communities to assist victims..

Civilian Protection:

GICS carries out activities to inform and educate parties to conflict on the rights of noncombatants during armed conflict, to ensure civilians are kept safe.

Our Team


Muhammad Mansur

President/ED, Global Operations

Muhammad Mansur is GICS’ Founding President and concurrent Executive Director for Global Operations. Muhammad comes to GICS with a wealth of experience from his background in intelligence and security issues, policy development, mediation and mediation support across Africa, where he played roles in support of backchannel diplomacy, mediation, and negotiations, including in the context of the Lake Chad conflict.


Olawumi Heavens

Senior Associate Programme Manager

With over 16 years in the events management and logistics sector, Olawunmi Heavens, is a well known figure in the events and logistics world in Nigeria. Holding a bachelor’s degree in History (with a minor in International Relations), she has over the years built a name in the sector, as the brains behind the successful holding of some of the most important functions in Nigeria during that time.


Andor Joy Seember

Programme Officer, Global Operations

Joy joins GICS from a career in the financial services world, including at MTN Ghana, where she worked on the Initial Public Offering of the Ghanaian subsidiary of the multinational telecommunications giant, on the stock exchange. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu State, India, and is expecting an MBA from Coventry University, Coventry, England.